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Our Product

We offer the smartest solution to get Internet during your trip: A handy lightweight Pocket WiFi rental service.

Y54U is a portable WiFi hot-spot rental service. It's coverage is similar to 4G mobile networks in more than 90 countries using the latest cloud technologies via the latest e-SIM solutions. It provides easy and secured access to the Internet via WiFi hot-spot to 5 concurrent devices on a single Y54U Pocket WIFI unit. 

With the nature of being a portable device, Y54U is ideal for travelers. With Y54U, customers will be able to stay connected anywhere, anytime. Business travelers can work remotely when they are on business trips. Backpackers can conveniently navigate the ways around the country they visit. Tourists can make phone calls via over-to-top applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and FaceTime) using Y54U WiFi signal, whose price is already covered in the rental plan.