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Internet today is a must-have travel companion and every possible gadget is Wi-Fi enabled. However, when you are travelling in a group and need connectivity on the go, it is best to get a Wi-Fi router and create a hotspot so that that it can connect multiple devices at one go. What is a Pocket WiFi Router Hotspot device: A pocket WiFi Hotspot device is a portable, small sized WiFi router with “WiFi hotspot” capability. You can connect this device to an Internet source and make it a WiFi hotspot, which allows multiple devices to connect to the internet. Most of the popular pocket WiFi devices are about the same size as a phone, which makes it easy to carry wherever you go.


Y54U is a specially designed Pocket Wifi router to provide you with fast and reliable Internet connection without paying high roaming data fees. ** Make sure to switch off your roaming data so that it won’t interfere with Y54U’s signal.


Y54U works with any Wi-Fi enabled device, such as laptops (Windows & Mac), smartphones (e.g. iPhone, Android, Blackberry) or tablets (e.g. iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle). You can connect up to 6 devices at once to a pocket wifi.


Connecting to our Y54U is fast and simple. Just follow the steps below and you will be online in no time! - Turn on the Y54U device by holding the power button down until the display lights up. - Make sure the gadget you wish to connect is Wi-Fi enabled. Search for available Wi-Fi networks. Then you select your SSID network which is Y54U. - The password will be displayed on the main screen in 2 formats, texts and QR code. - Enter your Y54U’s password in the password field for the gadget you wish to connect. - Alternatively if your gadget has a QR code reader, you can scan the QR code shown on the Y54U device’s screen to obtain the password. After that you copy the password and paste onto the password field in your gadget. You can repeat these steps for up to 4 other gadgets.

What is a SSID?

SSID (Service Set Identifier) is the public name of a wireless network.

Is there a cancelation fee?

If the cancelation is made before the item is shipped, there will be no cancelation fee. However, you will be charged US$ 6 after the item has been shipped.

Due to my travel plans changing, I would like to use the device a couple more days. What should I do?

You can send a written notice/form to us to extend the rental period. However, if you have no time to do so, you may call us to let us know you would like an extension.

Do you provide support when I have difficulty using the rental devices?

Please give us a phone call or a quick email if you have trouble. We are pleased to assist you.

Can I make a request on the phone?

We recommend customers make requests by filling up the order form. If you have further requests, please contact us at your convenience.

How much data does Skype use?

A simple voice call via Skype will use around 4KB /second, while a video call will be 650KB /minute. However, this will vary according to coverage, as Skype will automatically increase or decrease call and video quality according to your internet speed. As a reference, a 15 minute audio call could use around 5MB, while a 15 minute video call could use around 10MB.